If you would like to switch Internet hosting companies and you don't have a lot of experience or time, you might find it difficult to relocate your content. Relocating an HTML Internet site involves uploading compact files to the new hosting server, so it could be easier, but relocating a script-driven Internet site, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new web hosting platform or transferring databases and e-mails can be pretty aggravating tasks for some people. Therefore, a lot of users are stuck with a service provider that offers a bad Internet hosting service simply because they have no idea how they can relocate their content to an alternative company safely and securely while keeping the looks and functionality of their sites intact. In this light, our web hosting packages feature an Internet site migration service, that is totally free of charge, and which will save you a lot of time and efforts due to the fact that you will not need to do anything on your end.

Assisted Website Migration in Cloud Hosting

The service is available with each cloud hosting plan which we offer, so the moment your new account is working, you may contact us to arrange the migration process. Our professional technical support can migrate even a number of websites depending on the specific plan that you have signed up for and shall check out each one of them on our end to make certain that everything functions perfectly once you point your domain name to our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform. That way, you won't see any downtime of your websites since the exact same content shall show up the instant the new domain name servers propagate. We are able to relocate any sort of Internet site, including a custom one, so long as it runs on a Linux-powered machine and it's not built using a closed-source platform like Wix or Weebly since we can't access the actual site files. The entire migration procedure is normally carried out within 24-48 hours and we'll let you know as soon as we are done.

Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you wish to begin using our web hosting services and you acquire a semi-dedicated server account, you are able to contact our tech support the moment your account is functioning and plan the migration from your current web hosting company. The whole course of action normally takes a maximum of 24-48 hours and as soon as our tech support team sets everything up on our end, they'll test every site to make sure that everything is functioning adequately. You could then point your domain names to our cloud hosting platform and given that the content shall be exactly the same on both ends, there'll be practically zero downtime, so the website visitors will not notice any service interruptions. You could take full advantage of our totally free service and save time and efforts even if you would like to relocate a number of Internet sites and the only limitation is that they shouldn't be built with a closed website builder like Yola, Wix or Jimdo since these platforms do not allow their users to access the files of the websites created on their end.

Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Servers

If you need extra power for your sites and you decide to acquire one of our dedicated server solutions, we can move multiple websites from your current hosting provider in no more than two days. Of course, the time can vary depending on their number and size, but it hardly ever takes more than that. Our administrators can transfer any Internet site which can operate on a Linux machine and is not designed on a closed platform like Weebly or Jimdo given that they limit the access to the files of the websites designed through them, so if you have a custom-made web site or you're using a well known script-driven application like Joomla, phpBB or WordPress, we can migrate it before you know it. We will examine the sites to ensure that they are functioning properly and once everything is all set, we'll let you know, so that you could update the name servers of any domain name which you'd like to host on the dedicated server. Since the content shall be identical on both ends, your Internet sites shall be functioning during the DNS propagation. This service is totally free of charge and we could save you loads of time and efforts.